What to do if you have or qualify for DACA under Trump presidency

DACA ( deferred action for childhood arrivals) is still valid. It’s difficult to predict how and when this program might be canceled. The next president will be inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017. For now, initial and renewal DACA applications will continue to be processed.

I have DACA. What should I do?

Stay calm! Your work permit will continue to be valid for the time being. Even though there are no guarantees on how this information will be used in the future, we will continue to fight for you and the more than 700,000 individuals with DACA.

If your DACA needs to be renewed, the greatest risk if that your renewal application might not get processed before Jan. 20, 2017, and you might lose the filing fee. Processing times for DACA renewals vary depending on where you live.

I qualify for DACA. What should I do?

If you have no applied or DACA, we recommend that you do not apply for it now because the process takes several months and the filing fee is $465 (will increase to $495 after Dec. 23). WE recommend that you wait to see what the future of DACA is because applying will expose your information to the immigration agencies.

Should I travel outside the U.S.?

The permit to travel with DACA outside the U.S. is called “advanced parole.” Advanced parole is not recommended for everyone and if you are considering traveling outside the country, please first consult with our organization or an immigration attorney. If someone is traveling with advance parole outside the U.S., they should return before Jan. 20, 2017.

What can I do now?

Come by and visit one of our offices. It is possible that you may have other legal options or that you may qualify for another form of immigration relief. Become a member of LUPE, get involved, and help organize in our community. Together, we will defend our rights!

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